SoWa Winter Festival


The one-weekend, 100% FREE SoWa Winter Festival was all sorts of festive indeed.


The rustic SoWa Power Station made for a rustic, wintry atmosphere. The charming decor was tastefully done, not to overshadow the natural beauty of the location or the abundance of products being showcased that day.



I’m not usually one for large crowds within a semi-enclosed space, but it felt open enough to peruse the stalls at your own pace. Alex and I definitely lucked out when we came early Saturday afternoon and walked in and greeted first by the ever so tempting Black Bird Donuts. By the time we left the Market, there was a long line out the door and around the block!

Can you imagine what this could have looked at night? Friday was the only time during the weekend they had later hours. If I had the whole weekend to myself, I could have just kept coming every day.


I was thrilled to see that there were still food trucks and eager customers despite the windy weather that day. I would have wanted a few more choices, but the trucks that were there were total must-haves!


Here’s the awesome part. Are you ready? There was a wine tent there which was also FREE for patrons. You’d just have to brave the line but, hey, worth it. Wine Riot sure knows how to hook it up!


The alley way down the boutiques and galleries was a sweet little stroll, even more so this time of the year with the foliage and holiday fixtures. I almost fell for the foam bubbles flying through the air like snow from one of the upper-level windows. Thankfully, that day we could simply be tickled by not-so-cold alternative (see my reaction above). Although don’t hate me for being one of the few trying to do a snow dance for a white Christmas 🙂 You might still find me trying to chow down by a food truck then, but it won’t be as cute outside of SoWa’s winter fest.

Hope you found yourself a festive escapade this past weekend, too!



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