A Resolution Re-visited

Less than a month away from the end of the year, I’m looking back at how 2016 started and the promise that I made myself in January. My resolution: to contribute the best way I can through this space at least once a month in a way that can be shared by many.

In the process, I learned so much more than I had expected; and arrived somewhere I had not anticipated to be. Normally the fear of the unknown would make me turn back around, but today I look on with high hopes and excitement. This is the first new year’s resolution that I have stayed committed to in a long time.

A couple months ago in September, I underwent the beginning stages of the new site. This process has helped me learn (and I’m still learning) more about the technical aspects of blogging: time management, creating content, and discovering a sense of community.

I dabbled in a few interests here and there, got up close and personal occasionally, and really explored. I started this blog a while back to document my career journey and have ultimately transformed it into a creative outlet. After work, here is where I am able to “play” and cultivate a whole other side of me. There were times I got so giddy I could hardly keep the excitement to myself. It wasn’t clear to me right away, but over time it became pretty apparent what my vision would come to be. Always al fresco truly became a personal passion project, in a way a bucket list might be for most.

In my exploits I have come to realize that my biggest goal has been to enjoy food and the outdoors whenever I can at the same time. I want to showcase the magic that the outdoors brings to our experience with food, from all that we see, hear, touch, smell and taste and how they are all connected and complemented by each other.


So now comes the next phase of the journey. Here is a girl on a mission to find the point(s) where food and nature can meet. In all its shapes and forms. It can happen in the prettiest of patios, best kept secret picnic spot, and the most spontaneous street eats. I hope to offer you the many good reasons, no matter the season, to experience your food and the outdoors at the same time. Starting here in Boston and to places I discover. It’s all about finding out where and every now and again, how.

I greatly appreciate all the support and love that have kept me going through the growing pains this past year. I hope you continue to join me on this quest and share in experiencing the outdoors in tasteful ways too 🙂

As with before, please bear with me as the site goes through some re-organization and modification in keeping with this change.

Hop on over to the site and see the newest updates at www.alwaysalfresco.wordpress.com


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