Winter Weather Essentials

I’m keeping it positive around here that the snow will continue to play nice this month. If you’re like me and your inner 5-year-old comes out on a snow day, you’re going to need the right gear so that you can quickly layer up and stay warm through your snow adventure, winter travels, or even the dreaded snow shoveling.

The marvels of fleece-lined everything must have eluded me from living in warmer temp areas for so long. It is an awesome lightweight way to stay warm from your fingers to your toes. Seriously. It can be all the difference in the world.

A sampling of my essentials (or similar) are below. They have gotten me through some of my treacherous snow walks and winter al fresco moments.

Winter Essentials (go fleece-lined!)



I love the lightweight options I’ve found among The North Face parkas. I’m petite and could easily drown in a bulky coat, plus the coat I got came in XS (similar style linked in set above) in a fit that’s more flattering for me. Being able to layer fleece-lined leggings with my pants has also been a game changer. I linked a pair from target but my first ones were from Sundance Clothing in Chatham.

Do you have any winter must-haves or tips to share?  I’d love to have an arsenal of options to keep my winter game strong.

Comment below with your winter secrets and steals!



  1. Snow days bring out my inner 5 year old too!!! Driving in it brings out other things, but thats why I love being in Virginia again; even for most adults, snow equals play time!!!


    1. Yes!!! The only thing that cuts it short is my fingers/toes being at the brink of frostbite. I had the dig my car out, drive in the snow and navigate Boston neighborhoods today so I hear ya and I’m thinking fondly of milder snow in VA today 😂 Otherwise I still love snow and think it’s so magical! 💙


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