Pink Champagne Cupcakes

The perfect treat for a pick-me-up, celebration, or girls’ night!

This past weekend, I wanted to make something special for a friend’s birthday. It turned out to be my own way of celebrating all the wonderful women of the world when I couldn’t make it out to the actual march. Thankfully, I was still able to get a girls’ night out (though husbands were welcome too) with some of my favorites.

These pink champagne cupcakes were perfect. I made a little too much so I still have plenty of leftovers at home, but who’s complaining!? Alex and I could not resist having two a day. They’re so addicting yet so light!

Make no mistake, Alex is the true chef  in our kitchen. He loves cooking and does it for fun. I, on the other hand, get frustrated too quickly and often save my patience only for the sweet stuff. This recipe that I found from the betty crocker site is easy enough for a less experienced cook/baker like me and makes me feel like a champ in the kitchen.

On my last post, I shared how I’m focusing more on self-care and love. At a time when it can be so easy to sink into the dreary winter grind sans snow, getting to do something and then enjoy the outcome of those efforts can be a game changer. I don’t bake much, so when I do, it’s often a labor of love or a cry for some sort of happy pill. This goodie in particular got all the raves at last weekend’s party and the hubby! Color me ecstatic.

I know licking the spoon is not always best practice but I kid you not, this batter tasted like ice cream/yogurt.

And the super festive twist: both the batter and the frosting have champagne in them!

I could not help myself from sharing this with all of you. I’m working on my next post and if I’m not currently devouring one of these as a reinforcer, I’ve been trying to talk myself out of a second one.



This Pink Champagne Cupcakes Recipe from Betty Crocker (online) can be found here. Be sure to read through the comments for suggestions that you might find appealing!

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