Dundee VIII + the Boston Spirit


What gets you up and out and about in the coldest days of winter? When the blankets are feeling extra warm and extra hard to pass up, it takes a destination well worth the switch to some coat and boots and get out there.

So when our friend asked us a week prior if we were free February 19th to help him eat 12 pies with a beer (or five), the only answer was YES.


I couldn’t have expected anything less even as a first-timer at Dundee VIII. It was a great mix of fun, casual, and community under one roof. Harpoon Brewery housed the event for KO pies to challenge creative Boston chefs and benefit a great cause. The task: create their own mini meat pies and earn the coveted Dundee VIII title by majority vote.



The atmosphere was electric and offered plenty of opportunities to be up close and candid with some of the best chefs in the city. I heard many of the teams say, “this is fun!” from behind the scenes. Some have done this event in years past and were back. A few of them were newcomers. But all of them seemed happy to interact with patrons between servings and offer the same level of service as they would from their own restaurants. Personally, I was especially thrilled that Dundee VIII was championing an early childhood program this year.



I think part of a city’s identity is most certainly its food. For creative minds and talent to be accessible to Bostonians is such a great value, and to turn it into a vehicle that can advocate for great causes sends such a powerful message to the community. I’m so grateful to see that passion and camaraderie open doors for people of various walks of life to participate in, including me!




With our group of 4, this was an amazing deal and an excellent way to stay adventurous in a season that might not be conducive to much exploring. And in what could be the coldest time of the year, I feel as though I was able to warm the heart and connect with the city in a whole new way.


If you have tips or favorite ways to explore your own city or hometown, I’d love to hear!

Thanks for reading and following along!



For more information on this past Dundee VIII, click here, or find out more about Harpoon Brewery and KO pies on their websites: harpoonbrewery.comkocateringandpies.com

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