A City is not an Accident

The first few times of the year that pretty white powder sprinkle the air, it’s like a wave of magic dust. The sheet of white make ordinary things, places, and people feel new. A blank new canvas to be filled with all that your child-like imagination desires, if you’d allow it.


Alex and I were iffy about the weather as we headed to brunch with friends in Inman Square Saturday morning. Coordinating our commute there was a bit chaotic, but we made it! I am glad we made that decision because of how the tail end of the day unfolded for us.

We went to Hops and Scotch which was delicious, though we were not so lucky with our table’s server. He seemed a little bit out of it that morning and very much unprepared. The rest of the staff seemed to rally around him, however, and the cocktails and dishes totally redeemed the experience. We’ll have to go back when the big windows are opened up to the street and do it al fresco style, give it another go, and share it with you all. So not so much of that here, at least for now.


Coming home on a cold day, I would normally be hurrying back to call dibs on the space heater and pile on the blankets for warmth. Snow days tend to be the exception. We hopped off at Maverick Square and made the straight-shot (usually) walk to Lopresti Park by the water.


LoPresti Park was almost completely empty, except for trails of other previous wanderers that have been left there before us. To me, it made the trek that much more delightful.


As guilty as I feel stepping on a pristine pile of silvery flakes, there’s also something gratifying about leaving the first mark in what seems to be an untouched place.


With the low visibility levels, we were that much more focused on what we could see right before us. North End was far from sight and far from our minds. It was eastie’s moment right here.


And more than ever before, we noticed more of the little things that make this park special. Bright blue lounge chairs in the middle of nowhere, an inspirational quote, and a map of east Boston engraved in stone, and gorgeous rock formations.









The snow kept coming down, and later, with fervor. It started to pierce through our cheeks, so we soon trudged our way home.




Eastie can sure surprise me sometimes. How did you spend your snow day?



  1. Beautiful pictures! I have the same feeling about walking on fresh snow. Will work on learning to appreciate others walking there before like you have! Love your lovely neighborhood.


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