Becoming Little Red Riding Hood


True to their mission, Pickety Place transported me to a time and a place where the best things are the little things. This hidden gem sparkled even brighter on a snowy winter day. Totally worth the morning fast and drive from Boston.


Pickety Place looked like it was straight out of the pages of a story book. Many places in New England likely are. This one in particular inspired Elizabeth Orton Jones’ illustrations, particularly the home, in her re-telling of the Little Red Riding Hood.



Step into the herb shop and you’ll quickly catch the sensational aromas wafting in the air and notice the drying bunches all over the store.


All sorts of decor and home items fill the shelves at every nook and cranny.


I absolutely love their signature items. It was hard to restrain myself, so I decided it best to hold off until the hubby and I can strategize and conquer together. He is the master chef in our kitchen after all.





This shop, complete with a self-serve $1 hot apple cider and vintage iron fireplace, was a whole body experience. We were early for our 12:45 seating, so we had plenty of time to sip, pet the cat, and cozy up.


In a few moments, we heard the bell, a call to the dining room, and were led to our seats.


We were so lucky to find our seats in the sun room, practically the best of (almost) al fresco dining in the winter.


Everything the staff served as part of their December menu was mouth-watering and a pure delight for the tastebuds. I was so stuffed by the dessert course that I could not even finish my pie which came as a surprise even to myself.





To top it all off, we found this bear of a dog grace the grounds! Technically he is a Leonberger, I learned from the owner. Or he could very well be the big bad wolf in disguise.

Pickety Place came as a suggestion by a good friend, as if a myth or a legend I’d only ever heard of. I was slightly worried that my experience would fall short of my expectations from all the hype. Quite the contrary. I would go back to Pickety Place in a heartbeat and daydream of the food thereafter.

I would highly recommend Pickety Place as a destination to anybody that might want a food trip to remember. As the sign off the exit from the restaurant reads, “Enjoy your pickety day!”


For more information on Pickety Place, go to

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