My Halloween Fright


When #adulting scares the life out of you sometimes.


Ah, yes. A week of vacation back home with the family was everything warm and fuzzy and exactly what I needed (pics and travel post coming soon!). What I didn’t need though were car troubles, huge unexpected expenses, and all the stuff of life to sandwich my escape.

Halloween is probably up there when it comes to favorite holidays for most people. It would be an easy default for me given that it falls right around my and Alex’s birthdays. The decor, over-the-top themes, and dressing up as any concept, joke, or controversial idea particularly this season, spurs a playfulness in people. The kids and animals are gosh darn cute. There’s a sense of community that radiates around the neighborhood when people are walking about the streets at night, wanting to explore rather than hide out at home, and seemingly happy and excited for a change. Plus, there’s candy. The giving and receiving of candy from friendly neighbors you may not otherwise interact with.

This year was different for our little family. Our portion of the city, our street in particular, is not a high foot-traffic area for trick-or-treaters, which I never thought was possible wherever families reside. That dreaded feeling of guilt, from turning off the porch light and not answering a doorbell to a sweet tot when you forgot to purchase candy, is not something I have to worry about. Nor do I even have a doorbell for anybody to ring me back into community participation.

I miss it. I still bought a little bag of candy just in case we got found.

Though I do feel it’s happening at a point in our little family’s life when we need to detach a bit. We have been dealing quite a bit with “the stuff of life” in recent months seemingly all at the same time. We knew that living in the city would be expensive but that pursuing a life closer to our dreams was priceless. We just didn’t know how much we needed the courage to practice being patient and being wise with the time that we have.

Happy to say I made sure my flat tire was fixed right away, though it had to be the day we were leaving for Boston. I learned to wave down a big Boston Public Works truck, get a jump with my jumper cables (thank goodness, Alex!) and get a new battery the morning I was returning to work. A bird dropped a surprise on my car as soon as I pulled in this afternoon, but at that point all I could do was shake my head and laugh.

So instead of dressing up this Halloween, I wanted to welcome in big changes and greater learning opportunities. I chopped my hair to rid myself of the very real and metaphorical tangles in my life and strengthen my roots by nurturing my family, my time, my heart and my health.

It’s kinda nice to have a home-day this Halloween and dress up a braver, better me.img_2745




  1. Love the short hair! Looking even more beautiful! hopefully your car is done begging for attention. Although maybe it’s time for another change- Mr. BBQ Ribs looks like it’d be fun to drive!


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