Change is good


Change is the only constant in this world. While it can be an unsettling thought, I have always found comfort in it, knowing that each and every one of us goes through a journey with many ebbs and flows.

With change, however, comes growth too. That’s why I do believe that change is good even when it comes unexpectedly or in unfortunate circumstances.

When I started writing on this platform, it seemed I had a fixed track in my life. Over time, I learned how rocky that road can be, and at times how much of it I will have to blaze for myself. I have been able to reflect upon and overcome growing pains through various phases of my journey thus far by writing in and maintaining a creative outlet that was “Being Dory.”

After much pondering, I have made the decision to move forward with a stronger sense of direction in a site I can truly call my own. Now, with always al fresco is a little corner of the internet that I can continue to pursue my passion “in the open air” – sharing my life experiences to contribute to the community in the way I know I can.

Please bear with me as the site goes through some re-organization and modification in keeping with this new change. I hope you continue to join me on this new chapter as I learn, share and, in some ways, teach what I believe to be true, sincere, and meaningful.

See the new site and my newest updates now at



  1. Hi Valerie,

    I really like your new concept of pursuing your passion “in the open air.” You have a reflective tone in your writing which tells me how much you’ve grown.

    I’m in a low spirit right now, contemplating a lot of changes that I want to happen in my life. I’ll remember your notes about change here. Thanks for sharing your words!

    Take care,


    1. Hi Jayson,
      I really appreciate the note! It’s a process but I do feel like I’m on a good track. I can feel very impatient about my life and how to keep things moving forward while still staying sincere and genuine. As I find true for me a lot: I hope you find the balance between the planning and making change, while appreciating the good things happening to you and the growth you’re making in the present!

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