New Orleans & Baton Rouge

Before Labor Day is officially over and all the school kids mark the start of the academic year, I’d like to re-live and share one more warm-weather (but good any season!) destination.

This past May, my former college roomies and I set our annual reunion for NOLA and Baton Rouge.  One of my girlfriends recently bought a home in a beautiful neighborhood adjacent to LSU so it seemed our trip was past due. We have gone to NOLA over spring break once before (2010) and primarily participated in a Habitat for Humanity project in the upper 9th ward post-Katrina. These trips felt even more relevant now in light of the recent devastation in Baton Rouge. Praying for love, strength, and healing in this always vibrant state.

Here’s a collection of the photos I’ve kept from both trips, most of the 2010 photos are credited to my friends Charity and Jamie who took them.

March 2010

May 2016

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