The Ultimate Sacrifice

The last day of May marks a very important calendar event in America, one that I have grown to appreciate more with every passing year since my move here.


(above: the Memorial Day Flag Display at the Boston Common, May 2016)

First thought by most people: SUMMER. I’m guilty of it myself. I’ve been hustling this month, so focused on making it through the end to this much-awaited long weekend. It may have taken me 9 years to truly understand the full breadth of emotions that come with Memorial Day. I didn’t have my husband to school me on American history at the age of 17 and a few days fresh from landing at Reagan International Airport. For good.

Alex’s love for this country is something all of our close friends and family would associate him with in a heartbeat. He knew very early on the sacrifices it took to serve this country. As his father would go out to sea for months at a time, he and his mother would await his return. Every homecoming was emotional and always sweet. But he always came back.

Unfortunately, not every military member returns. Many have fallen and have paid the ultimate sacrifice so that every other American can continue on the pursuit of happiness. To paint a picture, Alex and I went to see the Memorial Day flag display at the Boston Common depicting all the lives lost to the service in Massachusetts alone. It was hard not to get choked up walking around and watching all those flags blowing in the wind.

As if coincidentally, yesterday was also the feast of Corpus Christi. A solemn reminder of Jesus’ presence in the Eucharist – His ultimate sacrifice so that we can continue to give thanks, break bread and share in God’s table free from sin. Fr. John, once again, delivered such a powerful message about sharing and caring for our neighbors. Because sometimes, the more you give, the more you open yourself up for better, more valuable things in life and perhaps feel even more fulfilled.

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